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Robotic Lawn Mowers for Home Gardens & Commercial Properties

Fairyhouse Forest & Garden provide a range of robotic lawn mowers for a wide variety of applications, from smaller home gardens or larger lawns with slopes and multiple cutting zones, to advanced, precision mowers for sports grounds, pitches, golf greens and commercial property maintenance.  

As experts in robotic lawn mowers with considerable experience in a variety of applications from the simplest to the most complex, we are well placed to provide advice on the robotic mower best suited to your requirements. Get in touch by phone or email.

Entry level domestic models are simple to install and most home owners won't experience any difficulties. Feel free to contact us, however, for any advice or assistance during installation.

For more complex commercial installations with multiple mowing zones and advanced precision requirements, we provide installation and maintenance services in addition to the supply of equipment.

Free delivery over €100.