Battery & Electric Hedge Trimmers

Battery & Electric Hedge Trimmers & Hedge Cutters

Step into the future of hedge trimming with our comprehensive range of Battery & Electric Hedge Trimmers and Hedge Cutters from leading brands Echo, EGO, Husqvarna, Pellenc, and Stihl.

Benefits of Battery & Electric Powered Hedge Trimmers

Environmentally Friendly

Contribute to a greener planet while maintaining your garden. Battery and electric-powered hedge trimmers are environmentally friendly alternatives, producing zero emissions during operation.

Reduced Noise Levels

Enjoy a quieter hedge trimming experience. These trimmers operate with significantly lower noise levels compared to their petrol counterparts, creating a more pleasant environment for you and your neighbours.

Minimal Maintenance

Battery and electric hedge trimmers require minimal upkeep, eliminating the need for fuel mixing, spark plug changes, and other maintenance tasks associated with petrol-powered models.

Instant Start and Easy Operation

Battery and electric hedge trimmers offer instant start capabilities, providing hassle-free operation. Say goodbye to pull cords and enjoy the convenience of a swift and easy start every time.

Lightweight and Manoeuvrable

Often lighter than their petrol counterparts, operators often experience less fatigue during extended trimming sessions.

Get in Touch

Embrace the eco-friendly advantages, reduced noise levels, and minimal maintenance requirements that come with battery and electric power. Get in touch with the expert garden team at Fairyhouse with any questions or for our advice on the best hedge cutter for your needs.

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