Learn all about our professional battery products

Learn all about our professional battery products

The power you need, impressive performance – with minimal disturbance. Husqvarna’s complete range of Pro battery equipment is all about benefits: low noise, emission-free operation and less harmful vibrations.

Prepare yourself for a better workday

As tough as petrol machines

With our new range of professional battery-powered handheld equipment, you can now do landscaping without having to worry about fumes and noise. Lightweight and designed for comfort and ease of use on long shifts, they’re quiet enough to use anywhere, anytime. There’s no need for petrol, and they meet even the most stringent environmental regulations.

With extremely low running costs, and long battery runtime, they offer high productivity, and the results you and your customers expect. As a matter of fact, they are as powerful as equivalent petrol-driven machines. Below are the five main reasons why our battery-powered tools are a smart investment for both your business and our environment, now and not to mention in the long-run.


Small investments. Big revenues.

Investing in our battery machines is economically smart in a short as well as long perspective. Every battery charge cost just a fraction of the price of a tank of fuel. This gives you running costs close to zero and means that our battery machines pay for themselves quicker than you might think. And once they do, you’re making money every time you charge. Scroll down this page to find out your break-even point.

Ready for tough, reliable use

Our professional range of battery-powered machines is now stronger than ever, offering high capacity and performance on par with some of their most powerful petrol counterparts. The powerful electric motor provides an impressive output, with full torque from zero rpm, while the heavy-duty design and active cooling allow you to work uninterrupted in any weather. Plus, the machines come with additional smart features, making work even more efficient and productive.

Kind to the user and environment

The user-centric design of our battery-powered tools makes your work less strenuous in every situation. Furthermore, these machines allow you to significantly lower your CO2 footprint and reduce your environmental impact – while you reduce emissions of fumes and noise where you work. The image at the right, which is based on a field test, clearly shows the big difference of how far the noise is spread from a battery trimmer compared to a petrol-driven counterpart. To go all-in on sustainability, check out our range of professional robotics mowers.