Battery & Electric Lawn Mowers

The Fairyhouse Guide to Battery & Electric Lawnmowers

Battery and electric lawnmowers are your eco-friendly, quieter, and more convenient alternatives to traditional petrol lawn mowers. Say goodbye to harmful emissions and fossil fuels. Battery and electric lawnmowers are clean and green, contributing to a healthier environment. Enjoy a more peaceful mowing experience too. Electric lawnmowers are significantly quieter. With the simple push of a button, your lawnmower is ready to go. Check out quality brands Echo and Ego, both now trusted names in lawn care.

Lightweight and compact models for small lawns to more powerful, self-propelled mowers for larger gardens. Equipped with cutting-edge features like brushless motors, dual battery compatibility, and adjustable cutting heights, ensuring a precise and efficient cut every time.

Using groundbreaking Arc Lithium batteries, which provide exceptional runtime and performance. Rapid chargers ensure minimal downtime, getting you quickly back to keeping your lawn looking its best.

Tips for Choosing the Right Battery or Electric Lawnmower

  1. Consider Your Lawn Size: Match your lawnmower to the size of your garden. Smaller lawns will benefit from lightweight, cordless models, while larger lawns may require self-propelled options.
  2. Battery Runtime: Assess the runtime of the lawnmower's battery, especially for larger lawns.
  3. Cutting Width and Height: Determine the cutting width and height options that suit your lawn. Most models are adjustable to cater to various grass types and desired lengths.
  4. Maintenance and Storage: Battery and electric lawnmowers are generally low-maintenance, but consider storage space and ease of cleaning too when making your choice.

At Fairyhouse Forest & Garden we’re delighted to offer practical advice on how to select the perfect battery or electric lawnmower for your needs, considering factors like lawn size, terrain, cutting height, and budget considerations. Product descriptions include an excellent guide. Get in touch by phone or email if you need any additional help.

Shop a battery or electric lawnmower at Fairyhouse today and enjoy the benefits of a cleaner, quieter, and more efficient way to maintain your lawn.

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