Up Your Game with a Robotic Pitch Mower

Revolutionising how modern sports clubs and greens keepers maintain and manage their grass.

Avail of sports capital equipment grants

Be the envy of your competition with a professional carpet-like pitch finish!



Pitch Perfect & Game Ready

Enjoy perfectly cut, healthier, stronger grass. Consistently, dense, professional quality sports turf that will withstand heavy use and need less maintenance. Game-ready for every match, every training session, every time.

Sustainability & low noise pollution

Shhhh… mow pitches day or night, quietly, with zero disruption to neighbours. Fume-free, zero emissions while in use, means you’ll lower your carbon footprint too.

High precision, parallel track mowing

Cut football, hurling and rugby pitches faster, more frequently and efficiently, in parallel tracks for the perfect finish. Anytime day or night, no grass collection and no mistakes.

Flexible, virtual boundaries

Maintain all pitches, lawns and greens within your club, with up to 50,000 m2 of multiple mowing zones. Tell your mower where to mow, where to go and where not to go with virtual boundaries, defined transfer paths and stay-out zones.

Keep track simply & remotely

Run multiple robotic mowers with user-friendly digital set up, monitoring and management – from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

24/7 All-Weather Operation

Operate your robotic mower, day or night, even in wet conditions. Be match ready, whatever the weather. Ideal for Irish winters… and summers. Your maintenance crew will thank you.

Cost savings, in time & money

Free up valuable time and reassign staff and volunteers to other important tasks. Reduce energy costs, maintenance fees and waste disposal expenses.

Grant approval & assistance

Robotic mowers qualify for sports capital expenditure grants, and we’ll help with applications.

No-waste, mulch as you mow

Equipped with five pivoting blades, Husqvarna robotic mowers cut clippings so fine they don’t need to be collected. Mulch delivers natural fertilisation and irrigation for healthier, durable sports grounds and pitches.

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Changing the game for sports club turf care with Husqvarna CEORA™

Discover a new way to manage your sports grounds and pitches. The ideal mowing solution for hurling, football, soccer and rugby pitches, cricket grounds and golf courses. A single robotic mower will cover large areas, line mowing for better turf and perfectly cut, healthier, stronger grass.

Meet Husqvarna CEORA™, our all-new autonomous mowing solution

Connected, quiet, sustainable mowing. Cut grass faster and more efficiently. Manage multiple pitches or virtual boundaries remotely. This is sports turf care reimagined.

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Virtual Zoning’s a Winner

Mow multiple pitches, greens and lawns at your club while you get on with the more important stuff. With our flexible virtual zoning technology, your mower will know where to mow, where not to mow, and how to travel from one zone to another. Monitor and receive notifications remotely. A winner every time!

THE Husqvarna robotic line-up

550 EPOS™
535 AWD

Working area capacity, m2, Pro sports quality (systematic/irregular)

25000/- 20000/- 5000/3500 -/3500 -/2500 -/1700

Working area capacity, m2, Pro quality (systematic/irregular)

50000/- 40000/- 10000/5000 -/5000 -/3500 -/2400

Working area capacity, m2, Regular quality (systematic/irregular)

75000/- 60000/- 15000/6000 -/6000 -/4000 -/3000

Maximum slope capacity, inside / by edge,%

20/15 20/15 45/15 45/15 70/50 45/15

Capacity variable due to grass type, soil, cutting height, lawn complexity and slope.

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CEORA™ – UP TO 25.000 M²

Pro Sports quality

Everyday care of sports fields or golf courses at low cutting height. A wellmanaged, lush, and dense turf can be optimally mowed with CEORA™ or Automower® robotic mowers.

CEORA™ – UP TO 50.000 M²
AUTOMOWER® – UP TO 10.000 M²

Pro quality

CEORA™ or Automower® robotic mowers are ideal for sports fields and golf courses atmedium ambition level, or facilities with high demands on grass quality. This includes medium grass height and normal dense quality of turf. Additionally, CEORA™ can be scheduled to mow areas up to 50,000 m² every second day.

CEORA™ – UP TO 75.000 M²
AUTOMOWER® – UP TO 15.000 M²

Regular quality

Green spaces with lower demand levels of grass growth, high grass height and normal to low dense quality of turf can easily be managed using CEORA™ or Automower® robotic solutions. Additionally, CEORA™ can mow areas up to 75,000 m² twice per week.

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Don’t take our word for it, find out what our sports club clients say about their robotic pitch mowers…

Changing from traditional mowing to Robotic mowing has been a revelation for our club. Our grass quality has gone from below average to a high professional standard. Could not recommend Fairyhouse Forest & Garden and Kelvin highly enough. From start to finish they have been professional, helpful and always at our needs.

review star review star review star review star review star

Thomas D. Kilmessan GAA

Dealing with Fairyhouse Forest & Garden over the years has been fantastic. They advised us to switch from our old sit-on mower to a Robotic mower. We are amazed at the results and it gives us more time to do other tasks around the pitches.

review star review star review star review star review star

John K. Ashbourne United AFC

Getting our Robotic Pitch mower from the lads at FFG has been a game changer for us all at the club. Our pitch has never looked better, we have so much time for other more important things and not cutting grass. It didn't take long to convince all of our members once they saw the results

review star review star review star review star review star

John G. Moynalvey GFC