Husqvarna Automower 405x (600m2)

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Husqvarna Automower 405X - a reliable and high-performance model in the X-line series, suited for the smaller lawn. It mows complicated lawns up to 600m2, featuring systematic passage mowing for perfectly cut narrow passages and it easily handles slopes with an incline of 40%. Carefree operation thanks to electric cutting height adjustment, Target Height function, frost guard and weather timer. Easily cleaned and washed off with a hose. As a member of our premium X-line range, it features Automower Connect with GPS theft tracking and GPS-assisted navigation to keep you in control where ever you are and X-line design with LED Headlights, front bumper and special coloured wheel caps. Also equipped with FOTA (automatic firmware updates over the air).

  1. Automower Zone Control with AIM Technology

    Automower Zone Control lets you create work areas and stay-out zones via your smartphone.

  2. Husqvarna AIM Technology (Automower Intelligent Mapping)

    Husqvarna AIM Technology uses onboard GPS and sensors to create a virtual map of your lawn. It also enables a range of smart Automower features.

  3. Automower Connect

    Automower Connect gives you full control of the mower right in your smartphone. Long distance connectivity including geofence and notification functionality.

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