Sports turf maintenance equipment and management

Sports turf maintenance equipment and management


Husqvarna is a leading provider of robotic football and cricket pitch mowers and sports turf maintenance equipment. We offer sports turf management solutions for perfect pitch conditions - as well as cost efficient and sustainable ways of ground care and turf maintenance.

Top reasons to partner with Husqvarna

Get professional turf conditions
Innovative cutting systems provide denser turf, stronger roots, and no grass clippings.

Make time for more
Our range of autonomous mowers seamlessly handle time consuming tasks, freeing up man hours for more important tasks.

Increase ROI and improve cash flow
Robotic mowers considerably lower your cost per square metre, and improve cash flow through operational leasing.

A silent and sustainable fleet
Invest in a robotic mower fleet that operates in silence and significantly lowers CO2 emissons while in use.

Autonomous sports turf care

Husqvarna has been an industry leader in robotic mower technology since 1995. Our professional football and cricket pitch mowers offer increased reliability and efficiency by freeing up time, delivering perfect turf quality and lowering your costs. We have two product lines, CEORA and Automower, for sports turf care management.

CEORA - For multiple pitches and larger areas

CEORA is a high performing, low cost, low noise and zero direct emissions football and cricket pitch mower. It allows sports field managers to bring more efficiency and consistency to the overall turf maintenance process. It can easily cover multiple areas up to 25.000 m2/day assisted by virtual boundaries (EPOS technology).

Frequent systematic high-precision mowing offers perfect pitch quality. And with  remote management you'll get full control wherever you are. Theft and damage protection is included when leasing.

  • Leasing option available
  • Free 30 days trial with money back guarantee
  • 30 days Hyper Care included