Husqvarna Automower 430X Nera (3200m2)

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FFG in Short Review:

This is the latest Generation of Husqvarna Nera Automowers. It is a replacement for the old 430x Model. Packed with all of the latest features like Automower connect and a sleek new look. New toggle control & coloured display screen, along with LED lighting at the front. This mower can be wired which can then mow lawns in a random pattern up to 3200m2, or if used with the EPOS Plug in kit it can mow lawns systematically up to 6000m2. 

Smart mowing for complex, large lawns up to 3200m²

Advanced robotic lawn mower giving perfect results on complex lawns up to 3200 m². Achieve precision mowing with virtual boundaries via the Automower Connect app and Husqvarna EPOS Plug-in Kit, available as an optional accessory. Designed to aesthetic perfection and with smart features such as intelligent object avoidance, slope handling of up to 50% incline and GPS assisted navigation. For a customised lawn 24/7, create multiple work areas and temporary stay-out zones from your smartphone with Automower Zone Control.

Automower NERA wire free installation - web use only
Wire free installation available

The Automower NERA range, compatible with the intelligent Husqvarna EPOS™ Plug-in kit, offers you the freedom of completely customisable lawn maintenance, by creating virtual boundaries through satellite based technology, instead of physical wires.

Automower Zone Control

Create both work areas and temporary stay-out zones in the Automower Connect app, without changing the installation. Giving you more control to define different work areas of your lawn and apply different schedules and cutting heights to each. Or to prevent the robotic mower from mowing in areas by creating stay-out zones.

Automower 430X/450X NERA object avoidance

Working area capacity (±20) 3,200 m²
Boundary type Wire
Maximum slope performance at boundary 25 %
Maximum slope performance inside installation 50 %
Max active time 24 h
Search system Quadsearch
Follow guide 2
Charging system Automatic

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