The Husqvarna Automower® Innovation Journey


The Husqvarna Automower® Innovation Journey

A History of the Evolution of Husqvarna Robotic Lawn Mowers

In the history of robotic lawn care, the name Husqvarna stands as a testament to continuous innovation, transforming the way lawns are maintained. It’s with good reason that Fairyhouse has chosen to partner with Husqvarna for our robotic lawn mower range.

Let's take a journey through the history of the Automower and this groundbreaking robotic lawn care technology, from its inception in 1995 to the cutting-edge models of today.

1995: Solar/Turtle Mower

The world witnessed the birth of the first fully automatic lawn mower, making waves globally. Powered by solar cells, this innovation marked a paradigm shift in lawn care technology, setting the stage for what was to come.

1998: 1st Generation Automower®

Husqvarna introduced the first generation of Automower®, featuring battery operation that allowed continuous grass-cutting regardless of weather and daylight. This marked a significant leap forward, with the mower autonomously returning to the charging station when needed.

2003: 2nd Generation Automower®

The second generation brought about a complete redesign, enhancing technology protection against the challenging outdoor environment. This iteration set new standards for durability and reliability.

2008: Solar Hybrid

A groundbreaking milestone was achieved with the introduction of the Solar Hybrid – the first and only hybrid mower to date. Integrating solar cells and the ability to recharge at a station, this mower showcased versatility, catering to gardens up to 2200m2.

2009: 260 ACX

The 260 ACX was engineered to tackle larger lawns, reaching the size of football fields. Equipped with ultrasonic sensors for object detection, it featured the first-generation of connectivity, allowing owners to receive text messages.

2011: 305

The 305 marked the inauguration of the third generation, a front-wheel-drive mower designed for lawns up to 600m2. It embodied a compact footprint while upholding the high standards set by its predecessors.

2013: 320 and 330X

With the introduction of the 320 and 330X, the third-generation technology expanded to larger capacity mowers. Reliability and ease of use took a substantial leap forward, and the 330X featured GPS-assisted navigation for precise mowing.

2015: Automower® Connect

Automower® Connect was unveiled, allowing remote control and location surveillance through a smartphone app from anywhere in the world. This feature became a game-changer in terms of user convenience and accessibility.

2016: 430X and 450X

Building on the success of Automower® Connect, the 430X and 450X models were introduced, further enhancing remote control and location surveillance capabilities.

2018: Smart Home Integration and Voice Control

In 2018, Husqvarna integrated Automower® Connect with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, allowing users to voice-control their mowers. The addition of Open API and IFTT connectivity offered personalized smart home solutions.

2018: X-Line and 315X

The introduction of the X-Line marked a new era, with products featuring Automower® Connect, LED lights, and a special design. The 315X emerged as the top model in the 300-series, handling lawns up to 1600m2.

2019: 435X AWD

Continuing the X-line legacy, the 435X AWD was launched, managing gardens up to 3500m2. With the capability to navigate obstacles, rough terrain, and slopes up to 70%, it set new standards for automation in lawn care.

2019: HI-CUT

For the US market, Husqvarna unveiled the HI-CUT series, featuring products with a higher cutting height. The premium segment included the 430XH and 450XH, alongside the all-new entry-level 115H.

2020: NEW 305

In 2020, a new mower tailored for smaller complex gardens was introduced – the NEW 305. With the ability to handle narrow passages and slopes up to 40%, it brought advanced features like weather timer and frost sensor.

Pushing the Boundaries of Lawn Care

As we look back on the Husqvarna Automower® journey, it's evident that each innovation has pushed the boundaries of technology, making lawn care not just a chore but a seamless, efficient, and intelligent process. The legacy continues, promising a future where automated lawn care reaches new heights of sophistication and accessibility.

Husqvarna's Commitment to Innovation & Quality

Looking back at Husqvarna’s history in the development of the robotic mower, it’s no surprise that they’re the robotic mower brand of choice for Fairyhouse Forest & Garden. Husqvarna’s expertise and commitment to innovation and quality is unsurpassed. With Fairyhouse’s well established experience in garden equipment and professional landscaping and sports facility maintenance, we’re a match made in auto-mower heaven!