Segway Navimow H800E Robotic Lawnmower

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The H800E robotic mower is a highly functional robotic mower suitable for lawns up to 800 m². The innovative technology means that boundary wires are no longer needed when using the Navimow robots. Due to the 4G module, a fully automatic connection via 4G is possible, which means that no WLAN connection is necessary. This allows the robot to be controlled at any time and from anywhere.

Thanks to the EFLS (Exact Fusion Locating System), the robot determines its position in the garden to within 2cm. The mowing process itself is also easier and more efficient than ever with Navimow models. This is because before mowing, the robot determines the area, creating a fixed route that it will mow. Thus, the robotic lawnmower mows your garden systematically and it comes to a nice even cutting result.

The robotic lawnmower not only follows the routes efficiently, but also ensures that the lawn is cut evenly from above with the Frequent Soft Cut System (FCFS). This realizes the desired cutting height over the entire mowing area.


  • Ultra quiet with only 54 dB(A)
  • IPX6 water protection
  • Electric cutting height adjustment from 30-60 mm
  • Slopes up to 45% possible
  • Best possible lawn result
  • Maximum safety due to ultrasonic sensors
  • GPS theft protection
  • Rain and frost sensor
  • 3-blade system
  • Brushless motor


    1. Segway Navimow
    2. Power Supply
    3. Extension Cable
    4. 10x Pegs for extension Cable
    5. Charging Station
    6. 4x Charging Station Screws
    7. GNSS Antenna Kit
    8. Antenna Kit Poll
    9. User Manual 
    10. 12 Spare Blades & Screws



    • Vision Fence Sensor
    • Ultrasonic sensor
    • Robot garage (from 2024)
    • Temporary fence
    • Blade assembly
    • Antenna extension kit
    • Antenna extension cable.

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