All Workwear & PPE

Protecting You and Your Workers with Quality Workwear & PPE

Ensure your safety and comfort, and that of your workers with Workwear & PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) meticulously crafted for professionals in forestry, treecare, landscaping, gardening and construction.

Protective high-visibility clothing including forest jackets, trousers, chainsaw-resistant kits and durable sturdy gloves. Protective footwear, chainsaw-resistant and steel toe cap boots. Head and eye protection, safety helmets with face shields, goggles and glasses. Hearing protection with basic earmuffs or more advanced communication models with built-in microphones, enabling connection to phones for calls and music streaming. Weather-resistant clothing, ensuring durability and functionality for outdoor work all year long.

Safety Gear Tried & Tested by Fairyhouse Forestry Experts

Fairyhouse Forest & Garden has tried and tested our high quality workwear and protective gear from leading brand Husqvarna. Ensuring enhanced productivity and optimal safety without compromising comfort for you and your team.

Designed for professionals, our workwear is equally suited to home users who understand the importance of safety when trimming hedges or cutting firewood around the home and garden. Give the gift of safety - ideal birthday or Christmas gift for DIY enthusiasts.

Elevate your workday with Husqvarna's comprehensive collection, where cutting-edge technology meets the reliability and quality synonymous with the brand. Invest in safety standard gear that will allow you to work with confidence. 

Free delivery over €100.