Husqvarna CEORA 544 EPOS

Product information

CEORA is the next-generation solution for large-scale turf care from
Husqvarna – a perfect addition for sports clubs and green space professionals.
A modular system offering a cost-efficient and sustainable solution with superb
performance and reliability, CEORA systematically cuts larger spaces with
superb results. It uses Husqvarna EPOS technology to create virtual
boundaries for safe and hassle-free aeration.

High-performance robotic model for large-area mowing, featuring Husqvarna
EPOS technology. Operates autonomously and systematically within virtual
boundaries, allowing for flexible and hassle-free turf care. Delivering highly
professional results for sports fields or larger facility areas. Operates quietly
and with zero emissions while in use.

-Mows up to 60.000 m2

-20% Slope Handling

■ EPOS navigation with virtual
■ FOTA – firmware over the air
■ Systematic mowing of large areas
■ Object avoidance
■ IPX5 protected – hose washable

■ Husqvarna Fleet Services
■ Future proof with multi-carrier
■ CEORA HyperCare service

The tailor-made CEORA cutting deck, RZ 43M,
features a cutting system with three blade discs.
Totally 15 high-speed steel razor blades keep the turf
at an excellent quality level. Easy maintenance and
handling is possible thanks to an ergonomic and
unique service position, meaning the cutting deck can
quickly be tilted for easy access to exchange blade
discs or for hose washable cleaning (IPX5 classified).

Our autonomous solutions feature Husqvarna EPOS
(Exact Positioning Operating System). This breakthrough
satellite-based technology enables working within virtual
boundaries. It’s an easy and flexible solution that’s perfect
for football fields, golf courses, city parks, or commercial
properties – any large turf area with an open space and
unimpeded sky view. Best of all, the absence of physical
boundary wires eliminates line breakages due to
aerating or turf repair.


Low noise, emission-free mowing
Husqvarna is shaping great experiences, enabling everyone to safely enjoy larger green spaces without machine noise or pollution. And CEORA takes this several steps further. It is lightweight and battery-driven, reducing carbon footprint compared to ride-on mowers, via low electric energy consumption and no direct emissions while in use.
Bring on the future
CEORA is a robotic mower first and foremost. Yet that’s just where the story begins. Our vision is to accommodate long-term sustainable turf care. Hence we designed an exchangeable front unit that could make it possible to fit accessories such as, for example, a fairway deck or a line painter in future.
Covering more ground for less
When cutting every day, CEORA delivers the best quality turf on areas up to 25 000 m2. The frequency of cutting lessens as the area gets larger. Going further on larger areas means more cost-efficient mowing operations and a significant sustainable advantage for all kinds of green space professionals.

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