Segway Navimow Temporary Fence – HA003

Product information

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Segway Navimow – Temporary Fence

The Segway temporary fence allows you to protect areas of the garden that you don’t want the Segway Navimow to mow in for a short period of time.

Keep Navimow from away without the need to program a no go zone in your virtual map


To protect places where you don't want the lawnmower to go.

Overall Information

Suitable for gardens with statues or other decorations, and you can customize the size of the fence to keep them away from dropping into the pool.

Package Content

Fence arch × 12, connection panel × 13 (Material: steel, plastic)

Package Dimensions

345 × 345 × 50 mm (14 × 14 × 2 in)

Gross Weight

Approx. 2.9 kg (16.3 lbs)

Applicable Robot Mower

Navimow H Series, Navimow i Series 

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