Segway Navimow Antenna Extension Cable – HA103

Product information

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Segway Navimow – Antenna Extension Cable

10mt Extension cable from Navimow base station to Antenna.

Additional extension cable for installing the antenna on a wall or on a roof, compatible with all models of SEGWAY Navimow robotic mowers.

Multiple 10mt extension cables can be used up to 30mt total length


Extra extension cable for your antenna.

Overall Information 

A 10-meter long extension cable allows you to move the antenna to a place with better signal reception. 

Package Conten

Extension cable ×10 m (393.7 in)

Package Dimensions 

120 x 200 x 45 mm (4.7 x 7.9 x 1.8 in)

Gross Weight

Approx. 408 g (0.9 lbs)

Net Weight

Approx. 352 g (0.8 lbs)

Applicable Robot Mower

Navimow H Series, Navimow i Series

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