Husqvarna Technical 24 Chainsaw Leather Boots

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Highly comfortable and low-weight protective boot for use in all weather conditions. Well-designed heel construction, higher, stable upper part with soft inside for comfort. The Vibram® sole offers excellent grip in cold, wet and slippery conditions and the shock absorbing middle sole makes the boots gentle to the feet during long working days. The boots are made from leather with a Sympatex® membrane, a water repellent and breathable, high-quality material. With extra padding around the ankle, heel and top, plus a steel top cap and removable and washable foot bed. The lower part of the boot is reinforced with rubber for extra protection. Pull strap on tongue and back and locking hooks/roller hooks for easy adjustment and handling of the shoes. Fulfils EN 17249:2013 level Class 2 (24 m/s). Sizes 36 – 48.

Smart Lace system
High-quality roller hooks enable the boot to be fastened rapidly and easily, whilst the lacing system provides maximum hold and a perfect fit.

Vibram sole
High performing Vibram sole with very good grip on slippery surface for your safety.

Breathable and waterproof
High-quality leather with water repellent Sympatex membrane makes the boot breathable and 100% waterproof.

Padded foam on back
The padded foam on the back protects the ankle and lower leg, with a higher comfort.

Damping middle sole
The shock-absorbing material in the middle sole is more gentle to the foot during long work days

Padded front tongue
The padded tongue supports the front of leg and foot, with a higher comfort.

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