Husqvarna Technical Extreme Forest Jacket

Product information

Regular price €330.00

Designed for long work shifts in the most challenging environments. Lightweight, breathable fabrics and pre-bent elbows increase your movability, while
effective ventilation openings on the yoke and lower back keep you cool when working hard. Features high visibility fabrics and reflex bands.
Pockets for mobile storage
The chest pockets have a padded lining for your mobile phone, keeping it well protected and within easy reach at all times.
One pocket on left sleeve with zipper
The user can keep belongings in pocket during work with easy asset.
Ventilation openings
Openings at the yoke and the lower back make for good ventilation.
Ventilation zippers under sleeves
Zippers in the armpits let you adjust the airflow to your liking.
Light weight stretch
Our light 4-way Stretch fabric stretches in all directions, crosswise and lengthwise. The breathable fabric therefore gives you high movability in areas where it is needed, and provides maximum comfort.
Feather stretch
Our lightest fabric with 2-way stretch is used for areas in need of a great movability. The fabric gives freedom of movement and high comfort

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