Husqvarna Technical Extreme Protective Trousers 20A

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FFG in short Review: For the real professional, made to withstand the toughest conditions. Technical Extreme is standard with 20M/S chain protection. These trousers are built to last, and built for comfort. 

Designed for full-time forest work on the highest professional level. Clever use of reflective fabrics, lightweight stretch and Cordura reinforcement ensures protection, durability and all day productivity. Modern slim fit provides supreme comfort and movability with adjustable waist, Husqvarna Tech-Knee, pre-bent knees and ventilation openings.

Husqvarna Tech-Knee
Husqvarna Tech-Knee reduces stress/pressure on knee and keeps dry when the knee is towards wet ground.

Waist adjustment with hook and loop
Size can be adjusted depending on user, allowing you to adjust your gear for perfect fit.

Ventilation zippers on back of legs
Zippers at the back of the legs let you adjust the airflow to your liking.

Braces included
The trousers come with quality braces, so they stay safely and comfortably in place all day.

Light weight stretch
Our light 4-way Stretch fabric stretches in all directions, crosswise and lengthwise. The breathable fabric therefore gives you high movability in areas where it is needed, and provides maximum comfort

The fabric delivers the tear and wear resistance needed on the most exposed areas. The reflective yarn in the fabric gives high visibility in dark and dim conditions.

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