Husqvarna Functional Protective Trousers Class 2

Product information

Regular price €230.00

Offers enhanced saw protection, yet easy to wear for light forestry work. Designed with high quality materials, including CorduraR reinforcements. High-quality fastenings provide good fit, while ventilation zippers, ruler pocket, reflex bands and extra reinforced knees, ankles and lower legs ensure safety, productivity and comfort.


Reinforced protection pad
The lower part of the protection pad on the inside of the trousers is reinforced to protect the saw protection from wear and ensure high durability.


Reinforcement on knees
Extra reinforced knees to withstand tough use and extend product lifetime.


Ventilation zippers on back of legs
Zippers at the back of the legs let you adjust the airflow to your liking.


Reinforcement on lower part of legs
The lower part of the trousers has been reinforced to withstand tough use and extend product lifetime.


Heighten back
The highten back ensures comfort and productivity for the user during work.

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