Top 10 Tips to Get Your Chainsaw Started with Ease

Top 10 Tips to Get Your Chainsaw Started with Ease

Rev It Up with Fairyhouse: How do I get my chainsaw started?

If you're asking this question, don't worry you're not alone. It's actually a much used search on Google! If you've ever struggled with getting your chainsaw started, fear not—here are some top tips from the team at Fairyhouse Forest & Garden to help you kickstart your chainsaw with ease…

1. Check the Basics

Before getting started check a few basics like the fuel level, oil reservoir, and air filter. A well-maintained chainsaw is more likely to start smoothly.

2. Choose a safe starting position.

Before revving up your chainsaw, it's crucial you prioritise safety, starting with your body position. We recommend you start your chainsaw on a flat, stable surface. Place the chainsaw on the ground, ensuring the bar and chain are not in contact with anything.

Although experienced chainsaw operators can safely start their chainsaw between their legs, this should be avoided by beginners. It can compromise your balance and increase the risk of accidents. Remember to maintain a comfortable stance, with your feet shoulder-width apart and a firm grip on the chainsaw, ensuring you have full control.

3. Activate the chain brake.

4. Prime the Engine

Most chainsaws have a primer bulb that helps draw fuel into the carburetor. Press the primer a few times until you see fuel in the bulb, but don't overdo it. This primes the engine, making it easier to start.

5. Choke the Engine

Engage the choke before starting a cold engine. This enriches the fuel mixture, especially when the engine is cold. Adjust the choke lever based on your chainsaw model—full choke for a cold start and partial choke as the engine warms up. NB - a hot engine won’t need the choke to start.

6. Understand Your Chainsaw’s Starting Sequence

Different chainsaw brands typically have their own specific starting sequence. Familiarize yourself with the correct procedure outlined in your chainsaw's manual. Most often it involves setting the choke, pulling the starter cord, and then adjusting the choke as the engine warms up.

7. Start It Up

Keep the chainsaw firmly supported with your foot on the back handle and one hand on the front handle. Pull the starter handle with the other (stronger) hand. Repeat until the engine fires.

8. Fuel Mixture & Quality Matters

Ensure that you're using the right fuel mixture for your chainsaw. Most two-stroke engines require a specific blend of petrol and oil. Using the correct mixture not only aids in starting but also extends the life of your chainsaw. Invest in quality fuel.

9. Warm Up the Engine

Allow your chainsaw a few minutes to warm up before tackling heavy cutting tasks. Running the engine at idle for a short period ensures smoother operation when you engage in more demanding work.

10. Keep the Spark Plug Clean

A dirty spark plug can hinder starting. Periodically check and clean or replace the spark plug as needed. A well-maintained spark plug contributes to efficient combustion and reliable starts.

Follow these top 10 tips, to significantly improve the ease and efficiency of starting your chainsaw. Remember that regular maintenance and adherence to your chainsaw's manual are key to keeping your tool in top-notch condition, ensuring reliable starts and smooth operation for all your cutting needs.