Trampoline Buying Guide: Invest in Bouncing Bliss

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Trampoline Buying Guide: Invest in Bouncing Bliss

What should you look for when buying your kids a trampoline?

A trampoline is a fantastic gift for your kids and an investment you won’t ever regret. They’ll get hours and hours of bouncing fun, using up all that youthful energy and practicing their gymnastic skills. What’s not to love about an outdoor toy that helps your kids exercise in fresh air? And they’ll love it for years to come!

When considering a trampoline purchase, the key elements that determine its quality and safety should be at the forefront of your decision-making process. Understanding what to look for can make the difference between a short-lived, subpar trampoline experience and years of bouncing bliss.

Here are some top tips from the team at Fairyhouse for what to look out for when buying a trampoline…

1. Sturdy Frame

The frame is the foundation of any trampoline, and its construction plays a pivotal role in determining its longevity. A lower cost trampoline may be attractive but will often be cutting corners on materials, so prioritize a galvanized frame, both inside and out, ensuring a robust rustproof layer. The tube diameter and wall thickness are critical indicators of quality – the larger and thicker, the better. Look for trampolines with multiple strong connection pins, like those found on BERG frames, preventing components from coming apart during use or transport.

2. Protective Edge Padding for Safety

The protective edge, often in a vibrant green, shields jumpers from direct contact with springs. The thickness and width of this padding matter significantly. A thicker and wider protective edge ensures enhanced protection in case of missteps or unexpected landings. Investing in a trampoline with a well-cushioned protective edge is a wise decision for ensuring the safety of jumpers, especially if the trampoline is intended for use by children.

3. Springs, Balancing Flexibility and Strength

Optimal spring design is crucial for children of all ages and adults to enjoy the trampoline. BERG trampoline springs, exemplified by their flexible, supple Goldspring+, strike the perfect balance. Tailored for kids, these springs remain flexible, preventing premature fatigue. Meanwhile, for adult users, the springs are sturdy and constructed with thick wire, with a single spring capable of supporting up to 50 kg. This dual approach ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for users of all ages.

4. Jumping Mat Security

The jumping mat is where the action happens, and its durability is dependent on its stitching. Triangular eyes for spring attachment are standard, but what sets a quality trampoline apart is the frequency of stitching. BERG takes safety to the next level by stitching the mat eight times, providing additional security and durability. The more stitches, the safer and longer-lasting the jumping mat, ensuring countless hours of bouncing joy.

Let the Bouncing Begin!

By prioritizing these crucial elements – a robust frame, a well-padded protective edge, expertly designed springs, and a securely stitched jumping mat – you're not just purchasing a trampoline; you're investing in a reliable source of endless fun and exercise for your family. Choose wisely, and let the bouncing begin!