Husqvarna LC253S - 21" Self Drive

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The Husqvarna LC253S is a rear wheel drive self-propelled petrol mower fitted with a 21" (53cm) composite deck that is suitable for medium sized gardens. The large wheels fitted helps ensure smooth movement and a longer service life thanks to their durable construction, which allows the mower to easily handle rougher terrains. The 163cc Briggs & Stratton 650exi Series engine provides 4km/h self-propulsion which makes moving an effortless task. The ReadyStart engine takes away the need to prime before starting your mower, meaning you just need to pull the starter cord to start mowing.
Flexibility is also offered in terms of the desired cutting height. With a single lever, you can change between six different cutting heights, between 20mm - 75mm, making it simple to adapt the mower to a wide variety of cutting conditions. The blade itself is designed to help the collection process, by lifting clippings from the lawn the overall appearance of your grass will be neater and tidier.

Self-propelled, single speed
Drive system
1,000 m²
Working area capacity (±20)
53 cm
Cutting width



No need for priming the engine. Just pull the starter cord and you are ready to start mowing the lawn.

Easy Adjust Cutting Height
A well balanced one hand grip makes adjustment of cutting height extra easy and convenient.

Composite Chassis
Durable and light chassis, designed for best collection performance.

Ergonomic Handle Bar
The ergonomic angle of the handlebar in combination with easy to reach bail arms makes operation easier.

Dust Blocker Bag
A collect bag designed to keep dust into the bag, preventing it from blowing in the operators face.

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