Husqvarna LC 247S - 19" Self Drive

Product information

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Self-propelled walk behind mower for easy, convenient, comfortable mowing and a perfect-looking lawn. Features ergonomic handle, grip and bail arms, easy adjust cutting height and dust blocker bag, as well as a corrosion-resistant composite chassis.

Self-propelled, single speed
Drive system
800 m²
Working area capacity (±20)
47 cm
Cutting width



  1. Ergonomic handle


  2. Easy adjustable handle


  3. Easy grip for lifting in the front


    1. Easy central cutting height adjustment


    2. Easy foldble handle bar


      Net power at preset rpm Energy 1.8 kW
      Net power at preset rpm 2,900 rpm
      Engine brand Briggs and Stratton
      Engine name 450e
      Cylinder displacement 125 cm³
      Engine lubrication type Splash
      Engine cooling Air

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