Cramer 82B22 – Powerful Hand Held Battery Blower for Professionals

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Cramer 82B22 – Powerful Hand Held Battery Blower for Professionals

The Cramer 82B22 blower is a extremely powerful handheld leaf blower designed for professional use. With a 62 meters per second/226.9 KM/H air speed the 82B22 can clear and perform as well as a equivalent 50cc petrol leaf blower. With no combustion engine the noise levels are quieter than a petrol blower and due to no fumes you can use this tool for indoor clean up jobs. The 82B22 has a variable throttle and has cruise control as standard. This blower is ideal for both domestic and professional users.

    10 year Battery Warranty

    You put a lot of trust in our batteries. And so do we. We trust them so much that we offer a market leading 10 year battery warranty. 

    2 years Commercial warranty

    Your clients rely on you. With our 2 year commercial warranty, you can rely on us. Even when something goes wrong.

    Tech Spec

    Motor type                                               Brushless
    Air speed (at the tip of the tube)             62 m/s | 226.9 km/h
    Airflow (at the nozzle)                              1285.92 m3/h
    Blowing force (at the tip of the tube)      21.9 N
    Trigger                                                     Variable
    Cruise control                                          Yes
    Boost feature                                           Yes
    Only with battery backpack                     No
    Weight                                                     2.5 kg
    Vibration Level (m/s²)                             1.0 m/s2
    Rec. battery model                                 82V580P
    Runtime (82V580P)                                 97 min

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