Cramer 82UC – Professional Battery Utility Cart

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Cramer 82UC – Professional Battery Utility Cart

The Cramer 82UC is an 82V self-propelled battery 4 wheeled utility cart that was designed specifically for the professional. Offering exceptional durability and productivity thanks to its robust design with 150kg carrying capacity, and adjustable transport speed of up to 5.2km/h. With Cramer even the most demanding jobs can be carried out quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Our 82V technology rivals an equivalent petrol utility cart yet has significantly lower running and ownership costs, making it a viable option for any professional user or business. As well as the cost and performance benefits the Cramer 82V range offers additional safety in the workplace, with low vibration, low noise, and zero emissions or harmful fumes for the operator when working. Additionally the 82UC features a gas strut assisted tipping function for easy emptying, and large heavy duty dual castor wheels at the rear for optimum manoeuvrability during transport.

As part of the Cramer 82V professional line-up, the battery is interchangeable in any of the 82V range from lawnmowers, brushcutters, blowers, and even power cutters. Offering one battery for any professional application.

Transport Heavy Loads

The Cramer 82UC features heavy duty cargo bed with a 150kg / 106L carrying capacity, perfect for transporting tools, garden waste or even logs, stone or gravel with ease. 

Tilting Cargo Bed

The 82UC features a fully tilting cargo bed with gas strut assistance to empty even heavy loads with minimum effort. 

Power Drive

The utility cart features adjustable drive speeds of up to 5.2km/h for highly productive transportation, with the addition of a reverse drive when required. 

High Maneuverability

The drive wheels feature large high traction pneumatic tyres for use on any ground, while the twin rear lockable castor wheels allow exceptional maneuverability even when transporting heavy loads. 


    10 year Battery Warranty

    You put a lot of trust in our batteries. And so do we. We trust them so much that we offer a market leading 10 year battery warranty. 

    2 years Commercial warranty

    Your clients rely on you. With our 2 year commercial warranty, you can rely on us. Even when something goes wrong.

    Tech Spec

    Motor type                                                  Brushless
    Speed                                                          High 5,2 km/h, Low 3.2 km/h
    Reverse                                                        Yes
    Trigger                                                         Variable
    On/Off switch                                              Yes
    Capacity                                                       106 L
    Carrying capacity                                         150 kg
    Tiltable receptacle                                       With gas pressure
    Vibration Level (m/s²)                                 <2.5 m2/s
    Rec. battery model                                      82V360
    Runtime (82V360).                                       < 140 min

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