Mountfield Freedom 30E Battery Garden Tractor

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Introducing Mountfield’s first battery powered collecting lawn tractor! Leading the way in lawn mowing technology, the Freedom 30e boasts a 48v 30Ah Lithium-Ion Battery, a compact 84cm cutting width and 7 cutting height positions. Quiet, efficient and easy to drive, the Freedom 30e is the perfect choice for lawns up to 3000m2.
  • Powered by STIGA Premium LG 48V Lithium-Ion 30AH Battery
  • 84cm cutting width
  • Electric Transmission
  • Seven Cutting height positions, 25 - 80mm
  • Mulching Plug, battery and charger included.
  • Carries a three-year extended warranty (T&Cs apply).


Mountfield is proud to launch the new battery powered range on ride-on lawn mowers starting with the Freedom 30e. Powered by STIGA with industry leading Lithium battery technology, the premium 30Ah power battery has been developed to offer maximum performance and durability with a running time of up to 45 minutes.
The compact 84cm cutting deck with 2 brushless motors is belt and pulley free with the twin blade motors supplying 1.5kW of power per blade, resulting in a faster blade speed and superior collection and finish. Cleaner and quieter, operating at 4dB less noise than a traditional
 petrol deck, the Freedom 30e represents the future in lawn tractors.
The freedom 30e provides smooth, digitally controlled power delivery thanks to the unique to this range transmission – powered by 1.2kW transaxle motor and digitally controlled with torque adapter for soft starting. Operation is similar to a hydrostatic system but even easier to use!
Other features include a washing link allowing for easy maintenance of the underside of the deck along with 7 cutting height positions ranging from 25 – 80mm and an ample 240-litre grass collector which can be easily emptied from the driver’s seat via a handy lever. This model comes with battery and external charger included

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