Husqvarna Xplorer Insulated Food Can, 0.6L

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Fill up quickly with energy and serve lunch from this handy food can. Crush-proof stainless steel design with double wall copper vacuum insulation that keeps your food hot for 6 hours and cold for up to 24 hours. Equipped with a foldable spoon in the lid. The lid keeps tight without leaking and the wide opening makes it easy to eat, fill up and clean the can after use. The silicon seal keeps the food fresh and the electroplated finish ensures that the can doesn’t give off or absorb any taste.


Husqvarna X Proplorer Food Can 0.6L capacity Heat Retention: Over 157°F (75°C) (6 hours), Cold Retention: Under 24°F (10°C) (6 hours)
Durable stainless steel design with double walled copper vacuum insulation provides excellent heat retention. The lid is equipped with a folding spoon.
The lid holds tightly without leaking and the wide opening makes it easy to eat and clean.
The silicone seal keeps food fresh, and the electroplated finish prevents the tin smell and will not affect the taste of your food.
Heat and cold retention properties are the temperature when the product is filled with a specified amount of boiling water (4 degrees Celsius) at a room temperature of 44°F (20°C), and left for a certain time.

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