Husqvarna X‑CUT™ chains (By Chainsaw Model)

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Husqvarna X‑CUT™ chains

Our best chain yet

With over 60 years of experience in the chainsaw industry, it is safe to say that the X‑CUT™ chains are our best yet. Through extensive trial and testing in labs and various working environments, the features and design of X‑CUT™ chains have been perfected to ensure top-quality performance.

Made for your Husqvarna chainsaw
The X‑CUT™ chains are developed side-by-side with Husqvarna chainsaws at our factory in Sweden. This guarantees the X‑CUT™ chain fitting your Husqvarna chainsaw like a glove, improving cutting performance and ensuring maximum output.

Sharp out of the box

When delivered to you, the X‑CUT™ chains are sharpened and ready to cut. Instantly. The outstanding grinding angles and razor-sharp edges provide precise cuts and superior cutting efficiency.

Stay sharp longer
The X‑CUT™ chain cutters are made out of high-quality carbon steel for maximum durability, and the unique hardened steel and chrome coating gives you sharpness made to last


Husqvarna chains explained

Cutter profile

Example, X‑CUT™ SP33G

The C stands for Chisel. The chain has square corner cutters, which provides superior cutting efficiency. This cutter profile is only recommended for professional users working in clean conditions. (Figure A)

The S stands for Semi-Chisel. The corners are rounded, which eases maintenance and have good stay-sharp properties. This cutter profile is more forgiving regarding filing angles and is less sensitive to dirt. Suitable for all users. (Figure B)

Illustration Benefit X-CUT Chain Cutter profile

Chain type

Example, X‑CUT™ SP33G

P – Pixel
Some of our chains have a P in their name, and the P stands for Pixel. Pixel chain and guide bars, with thinner chassis, are low in weight and provide a narrow cut – resulting in enhanced cutting efficiency. This chain type is only to be used with pixel guide bars. (Figure A)

No letter – Standard
However, it is more common that there is no letter after the C or S in the chain name. That chain type is a tougher, broader cutting chain, with standard chassis enabling more rigid and robust chains and bars. (Figure B)

Illustration Benefit X-CUT Chain type


Example, X‑CUT™ SP33G

The first digit after the letters tells the pitch size. Mini chains have low profile cutters, smaller drive links and are suitable for smaller chain saws.

1 = 1/4” mini
2 = .325” mini
3 = .325”
8 = 3/8
9 = 3/8” mini

The pitch of the chain must match the pitch of the guide bar and the drive sprocket on your chainsaw.

Illustration Benefit X-CUT Pitch


Example, X‑CUT™ SP33G

The second digit tells of the gauge, meaning the thickness of the lower part of the drive link.

1 = 1,1 mm/.043”
3 = 1,3 mm/.050”
5 = 1,5mm/.058”

The gauge of the chain must match the gauge of the guide bar.

Illustration Benefit X-CUT Chain Gauge

Added feature

Example, X‑CUT™  SP33G

The final letter in the chain name tells of added features; usually, it is a G. The G stands for Guarded drive link, a kick-back reducing feature. (Figure A)

Illustration Benefit X-CUT Added feature

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