Husqvarna T300RH Compact Pro Cultivator

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Even in a small garden, manual soil cultivation work can be tiring and longwinded. Once you throw in all the other various tasks which need doing at various times of the year, such as edging, aerating and scarifying your lawn, keeping your humble back yard in good condition can become a demanding occupation. One handy way of saving significant time and effort while still ensuring that your garden receives the attention it needs to thrive is to invest in Husqvarna’s brilliant little T300RH Compact Pro, a versatile mini-tiller which can also be customised for a variety of horticultural tasks. Good things, it seems, do come in small packages after all.

This particular small package contains a compact and hardworking 25cc Honda GX25 four-stroke petrol engine and a powerful worm gear transmission system with triple ball bearings for increased durability and superbly reliable performance. Delivering 1kW at 6000rpm, this engine powers the T300RH Compact Pro’s four sturdy rotating tiller discs for a working width and depth of 24cm and 15cm respectively. The T300RH Compact Pro is therefore perfect for tilling soil in vegetable patches and flower beds in smaller gardens, ensuring optimal growing conditions by loosening compact soil and bringing nutrients to the surface. The T300RH can also be customised with an impressive range of optional accessories, including a de-thatcher, a ridger, an aerator, a weed tool and an edger, thereby offering superb versatility and making this tiller just as effective for lawn care as soil cultivation.

Sturdy and lightweight (only 12kg), Husqvarna’s T300RH Compact Pro also comes with an ergonomic carry handle to facilitate transportation and an easy-adjust drag bar for increased balance in a variety of working conditions. For even greater convenience this handy machine also comes with an easily accessible 0.57 litre fuel tank and a protective tine shield to help minimise spray from the tiller discs, while the handlebar folds neatly down for storage. The T300RH Compact Pro is therefore reassuringly user-friendly in addition to being versatile and practical, so dedicated home gardeners looking for years of convenient, reliable, labour-saving performance would do well to consider the many virtues of this great piece of kit.

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