Husqvarna R 420TsX AWD

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A compact, high-performance All-Wheel-Drive rider with a powerful Kawasaki V-twin Engine and power steering that easily manages large, tight and hilly areas. The unique XChange attachment frame allows you to change attachments quickly and without the use of tools. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily monitor your rider with the Husqvarna Connect app. Equipped with dual LED lights, an adjustable steering wheel and a convenient luggage rack, R 420TsX AWD is an excellent choice for private estate owners, sports facilities and hotels with large areas to maintain year-round. The R 420TsX AWD is delivered deckless and can be fitted with 112 and 122cm Combi cutting decks.

Rider R 214T AWD
All-Wheel-Drive (AWD)

All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) ensures traction on uneven, wet and slippery areas and slopes. AWD automatically adjusts the traction on all wheels depending on situation and ground condition.

12v socket outlet
Kawasaki FS-series

Kawasaki V-twin, overhead-valve engine with full pressure lubrication and spin-on oil filter. Combines exceptional power and torque with fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.


Unique quick coupling allows attachments to be changed quickly and easily without the need for any tools. Get ready for a new task in just a minute.

Power-assisted steering

Power-assisted steering makes driving less strenuous and more enjoyable.

R 420TsX AWD
HMI Display

The intuitive display communicates with the driver through visual symbols and warning sounds, assists in handling and gives real time data and warnings.

R 420TsX AWD
Dual LED lights for improved visibility, both near and remote.

Dual LED lights for enlarged lighted area and safer operation in darker conditions. Improved visibility, both near and remote

Rider R 420TsX AWD
Service position

Service position on the cutting deck facilitates cleaning and service.

Steering Wheel, R 216T AWD
Steering wheel with knob

Steering wheel with comfortable and defined grip areas with soft touch surface and knob for easier operation. Quick height adjustment without the need of tools.

Power/fuel type Gasoline
Net power at preset rpm Energy 14 kW
Motor/engine manufacturer Kawasaki
Engine name FS Series V-Twin
Cylinder displacement 726 cm³
Cylinders 2
Engine cooling Fan/Air
Engine lubrication type Full pressure
Oil filter Yes

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