Husqvarna KLIPPO LB 553SQe

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KLIPPO LB 553SQe, a reliable and dedicated BioClip mower with front-wheel drive for commercial use. The fullsized 53 cm cutting deck makes it to a perfect solution for mid-sized to larger areas or as a complementary trimming tool for rode-on or robotic mowers. The design has focussed on achieving the best possible ergonomic conditions for the operator and an extra-ordinary cutting results, even in wet weather. Equipped with the fully commercial and high-specified Husqvarna HS 166AP engine, cast aluminium deck, light-weight aluminium wheels and an ergonomic side-adjustable and effective anti-vibrated handle system, which help the model fulfil A(8) EN836. KLIPPO LB 500 Series, commercial models with outstanding performance and durability for a long-term relation.

Aluminium chassis
Heavy-duty, cast aluminium chassis provides increased strength and longer life.

Aluminium rims
8-inch cast aluminium rims with double-sealed bearings. Rubber tyres provide deeper tread depth for increased traction and a more comfortable drive.

 Husqvarna HS 166AP engine
HS 166AP, a powerful and fully commercial walk-behind engine from Husqvarna. Designed for high reliability and easy starting. High specified components to withstand tough daily usage and for guarantee longest possible service-life


Self-propelled, single speed
Drive system
1,000 m²
Working area capacity (±20)
53 cm
Cutting width

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