Husqvarna Garden Tractor Towed Drop Spreader

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When seeking to spread materials over a large area, whether seeds, fertiliser or sand (or even salt, if you are trying to thaw dangerously icy roads and paths), any attempt to do so by hand would be inefficient to the point of being folly. And although a standard spreader may do the job for smaller domestic jobs, for commercial work over very large areas you need a far more serious piece of machinery.

That’s where Husqvarna’s impressive drop spreader comes in. Designed with a heavy duty build able to stand up to the demands of professional use, this tough drop spreader tows behind your Husqvarna’s ride-on lawnmower and utilises an electrically operated feeder roller to ensure uniform spreading over a width of one metre. Suitable for use with a wide range of materials with a particle size of up to 30mm, the spreader unit also features a protective hopper grille which can be used as a screen while filling

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