Husqvarna Technical Forest Jacket

Product information

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Made with tough yet lightweight fabrics and task-oriented design, ideal for everyday forestry work. Four-way stretch polyester with a crafted fit ensures comfortable movement and reduced effort. Ventilation openings on the yoke and lower back for comfort and performance.
Pockets for mobile storage
The chest pockets have a padded lining for your mobile phone, keeping it well protected and within easy reach at all times.
Zipper closure at end of sleeves
Size can easily be adjusted depending on user, gloves used, etc.
Ventilation openings
Openings at the yoke and the lower back make for good ventilation.
Ventilation zippers under sleeves
Zippers in the armpits let you adjust the airflow to your liking.
Stretch fabric on upper back
Stretch fabric on the upper back, allowing you to move freely, safely and comfortably.
Stretch fabric on sleeves
The sleeves are made of stretch fabric, allowing you to move freely, safely and comfortably.
Pocket for first aid kit with hook and loop
A dedicated first aid pocket with easy asset.

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