Husqvarna Climbing Rope 11.5MM - 45M Orange

Product information

Regular price €220.00

Diameter: 11.5mm

Lenght: 45M

Weight : 94g/m

A robust, lightweight climbing rope

24-strand, double braid

For SRS and MRS

Minimal stretch – less bounce


Designed to increase your work safety, the Husqvarna climbing rope is ideal for both experienced tree professionals and beginners. Fully certified and ready to go, this versatile climbing rope can be used for single and double rope techniques with different mechanical hardware for a smooth ascent or descent. It features an approved splice at one end and offers an excellent balance between softness and stiffness.
Climbing rope, blue 11.5 mm
24-strand, double braid

The 24-strand, double-braided construction ensures robust performance and extreme reliability.


Minimal stretch – less bounce

A static rope for minimal stretch and less bounce, making it ideal for ascending with less effort and descending.


Climbing rope, orange 11.5 mm
Spliced eye

Approved spliced eye at one end for increased work safety and convenience.


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