Husqvarna Brushcutting & Trimmer Trousers - Technical

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Brushcutting- and trimmer trousers, Technical
Trousers of extra-treated fabric for professionals. The lower part of the legs are water resistant and have extra reinforcement at the front, as well as pre-bent knees and ventilation zippers at the back of the legs that provide excellent protection and allow you to work comfortably. A pocket for extra padded protection on the right hip absorbs impacts from the cutter or trimmer. Reflective strips and logos make you visible in darker conditions.
Hip padding
Pocket on hip to place padding, for protection during trimming.
Padded protection
Padded protection at lower part of the legs to prevent soreness from spattering gravel and stone.
Zipper on back
Zipper on the back of the leg can be opened for better ventilation.
Reinforcement on leg
Reinforcement on front and back leg

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