Husqvarna Bli950X Backpack Battery - 31.1Ah

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Heavy-duty design meets maximum runtime. Truly durable, high capacity (31.1 Ah) backpack battery for highest productivity and longest runtime. Robust design guaranteed for daily outdoor work in all weather. LED charge indicators on the battery pack, plus the exact battery charge percentage readable from the adapter simplifies work planning for the user. The advanced ergonomic harness allows a perfect fit, and the easily detachable battery pack means users can share batteries freely without swapping harnesses. Detachable support foot for free-standing use ensures all-day comfort and productivity and reduces the risk of the harness getting wet and dirty.


Perfect Fit
The ergonomic harness can be adjusted for all body sizes, resulting in less strain on your back and shoulders.

LED Battery Level Display
Clear LED display on the battery and even more exact power status on the adapter to the product means you can quickly see when the battery needs recharging.

Great Mobility
The pivoting fixing point on the belt makes it possible for the harness to follow the movement of your shoulders, making sure you always work efficiently and comfortably.

Housing Protection
Sturdy housing, including bumpers, enables tough daily use with regular wear and tear.

Cable Guidance
Several fixing points on the harness to guide the battery cable into the best working position.

Detachable Support Foot
Built-in foot for easy placement on flat surfaces, during transport and storage. Easily removable.

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