Husqvarna 560XP II Chainsaw

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Husqvarna 560 XP is developed for professional loggers and skilled land owners. The saw has a ground breaking design and is loaded with innovative solutions for efficient, convenient operation. Our unique X-Torq engine technology provide more power where you need it, up to 20% less fuel consumption and 75% less exhaust emission

AutoTune gives optimal engine performance throughout automatic engine setting. No time spent on carburettor adjustments. It compensates for different fuels, altitude, humidity, temperature and clogged air filter.

Powerful and Efficient X-TORQ Engine
Our X-TORQ engines deliver great power and torque thanks to highly efficient combustion.

Air Injection
Centrifugal air cleaning system for reduced wear and longer operating time between filter cleanings

Flip-Up Fuel Cap
The flip-up fuel cap is easy to open and close when refueling, even if you are wearing thick gloves.

Effective anti-vibration dampeners absorb vibration, sparing the user's arms and hands.


59.8 cm³
Cylinder displacement
3.5 kW
Power output
21.3 m/s
Chain speed at max power

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