Husqvarna 540iXP Battery Chainsaw 16"

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Husqvarna 540i XP is a powerful and efficient battery-powered chainsaw, equivalent to a 40cc pro petrol saw when fitted with a BLi300 battery. It’s ideal for removal of small and mid-sized trees where you need smooth and efficient cuts. Designed for professionally oriented users who want a lightweight, high performance rear-handle chainsaw. Delivers all the benefits of battery power without compromising cutting performance. The integrated connectivity makes it easy to keep track of usage stats, service history and last known location in the Husqvarna Fleet Services

  1. Husqvarna Connect

    With the smart Husqvarna Connect app, you’ll have easy access to tips, manuals and spare part recommendations. The app also provides additional information such as runtime and charging status as well as maintenance and service needs. Not yet available on all markets.

  2. High chain speed

    1. Weatherproof (IPX4)

      Weatherproof (IPX4) - Use in all weather conditions

    2. Gear up for nonstop operation

      Gear up for nonstop operation

    3. Automatic shutdown

      Automatically shut down after 3 minutes of being idle

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