Honda WT20 Trash Water Pump

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The Trash pump in the range. If you are dealing with water filled with solids, this water pump is for you. This model will pump water containing solid items (such as gravel or silt) up to 25mm in diameter through its 2-inch pipe. The GX160 OHV 4-Stroke engine is capable of pumping 710 litres a minute the WT20 will run for 2.25 hours on a single tank full of fuel.

Dealing with tough water conditions, it is easy for the water pump to get clogged, which can happen occasionally. The cover of the WT20 is designed for easy removal to make inspection and maintenance quicker and hassle-free. Honda trash water pumps ensure air can't be drawn in, which causes the vacuum to be lost. This utility pump has a total head, or maximum height the pump can force water out of 30 meters. To keep everything in check and to prolong the life of the engine, the WT20 is fitted with the Oil Alert feature. This prevents engine damage by automatically shutting the unit down if the oil drops below a safe level.


Any Water
A thrash pump allows gravel and other debris to flow through the pump without clogging or causing damage – all whilst pushing out professional water pumping performance.

Shifting Big Volume
Not only can our Trash pumps move debris-ridden water, but they’re capable of moving a lot of it – up to 1640 litres per minute. That’s the capacity of an average-sized swimming pool, filled with silt, in under an hour.

Pop The Hood
Dealing with tough water conditions, occasionally our Trash pumps can become clogged – it can happen from time to time. To solve this problem, we designed a removable inspection cover that makes clearing debris quick and simple.

Built Tough
Our water pump engines are reliable and have low emissions – automatic decompression makes them so quick and easy to start.

Built around durability, our Trash pumps feature a silicon carbide seal and a unique conical cast iron impeller design. They reduce wear from abrasive materials and can handle solid objects up to 31mm in diameter. There’s even a strainer to ensure nothing bigger gets through.

Oil Alert
To keep everything in check, they also have an Oil Alertâ„¢. This prevents engine damage by automatically shutting the unit down if the oil drops below a safe level

Water pump comes with filter and couplings

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