Honda UMS425 ELE

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The Honda UMS425ELE grass trimmer is designed to be easy to use with it's robust and lightweight design. Powered by a quiet 25cc GX 25 engine, this Honda brushcutter will deliver high performance relentlessly when tackling heavy grass growth that your mower can't reach. The machine itself is simple to use with its compact controls. The D-Loop handle ensures correct weight distribution, so there is no strain on the user's body whilst using this brushcutter. Easy to start with a super light flywheel, the quiet and smooth running 4-stroke OHC engine are the lightest and most compact engines available, with the lowest emissions in the industry. The smooth drive with an anti-vibration clutch that insulates you from any arm tiring vibration.

The unique lubrication system also allows the trimmer to be used and stored through a full 360° incline without damage. Honda has designed its brushcutters to be highly durable. As these machines work in rough, harsh and dirty environments, Honda has developed a special heavy duty, shock resistant transmission unit, different from the usual pressed steel type, which is re-machined to provide the best dust protection possible.


Tap & Go Cutting Head
The UMS425 ELE comes fitted with the tap and go nylon head. This makes it easier for the user to extend the nylon line in the cutting head by simply tapping it on the ground.

Bent Shaft Brushcutter
The lightweight and well-balanced proportions of the grass trimmer enables you to control the unit easily as you work, making the hardest of places to reach much easier.

Loop Type Handle Brushcutter
The loop-type handle design creates a fine weight balance whilst giving the user sensitive control when trimming or pruning.

Anti Vibration Clutch
The silky-smooth drive with an anti-vibration clutch insulates you from any arm tiring vibrations.

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