Honda UMK435 EUE

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The Honda UMK435EUE straight shaft brushcutter is a powerful grass trimmer suitable for all sorts of work. Powered by a 35cc GX35T 4-stroke OHC engine, with this machine you are ensured you get the constant power, reliability, and torque in the most demanding environments. With their robust design, the UMK435 is extremely maneuverable and can tackle any job no matter how awkward of a position it is. This machine is simple to start with a super light flywheel. The silky smooth drive with an anti-vibration clutch insulates you from any arm tiring vibration.

This model comes with a comfort harness which gives the user more control and less fatigue when working over an extended period of time. The harness fits snugly around your shoulder because it has five different settings for the best possible fit. It also has has a leg guard and quick release hook for added safety. The bike type handlebars give the user a larger area of cutting, whilst the adjustable handlebars give better, safer grip when scything through unwanted grass growth.


Bike Type Handle
The bike type handles that are adjustable, gives you a better and safer grip when removing unwanted growth throughout your garden.

Tap & Go Cutting Head
The UMS425 ELE comes fitted with the tap and go nylon head. This makes it easier for the user to extend the nylon line in the cutting head by simply tapping it on the ground.

Non-Contact Bearings
Brushcutters feature a special type of non-contact bearings that are renowned for their resistance to dust contamination. These bearings run freely with little resistance and are extremely quiet.

Smooth Operation
Honda has designed its machines to give the user the best possible experience when using their machinery. A super light flywheel is fitted for easy starting. The anti-vibration clutch prevents your arm tiring from engine vibrations.

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