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Power you can rely on

Whether it’s required for everyday and professional activities, or just the occasional emergency use, experience continuous performance from a highly dependable power supply that you can trust.

The recently launched EU32i generator, which offers immense power in a consumer-friendly, smartly designed package. It features a world-first integration of a high-output engine into a portable, fuel-injected generator, boasting an impressive 3,200 watts of power and continuous performance that was previously only found in cars and marine outboard engines. It even comes with a dedicated smartphone app and with Bluetooth connectivity, it enables users to monitor the status of the generator and control it remotely.

Output technology Inverter
Type Single phase
Maximum output (W) 3200
Rated output (W) 2600
Rated voltage (V) 230
Rated frequency (Hz) 50
Rated current (A) 11.3

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