Gardena Classic Hedge Clippers

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Robust and long-life

The GARDENA Classic Hedge Clippers 510 are especially suited for precise shaping, thanks to the short, sturdy, straight-ground blades. Through the ergonomically formed wooden handles (wood FSC® 100 %-certified), the Hedge Clippers are comfortable to use. They are robust and long-life. The bright galvanised blades have an integrated branch-cutter and are 20 cm long. The Hedge Clippers have a total length of 51 cm. With a warranty period of 25 years, the highest quality is guaranteed.


25 years warranty web only

25-year warranty

The Hedge Clippers are a sustainable investment. A 25-year warranty guarantees highest quality.

FSC Logo GB web use only

Wood from sustainable production

The wood of the handles is FSC® 100%-certified, that means GARDENA uses only wood from forests in which high ecological- and social production standards are adhered to.

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