EGO HT5100E Cordless Hedge Trimmer 51cm / 56v (bare tool)

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The EGO Power+ 51cm cordless hedge trimmer is ideal for those who need to cut narrow/long hedges with thicker stem widths. A 33mm blade gap chews up thick stems and branches, working in tandem with the dual action, double-sided cutting blade allowing a back-and-forth cut if necessary.

With a rotating handle, this tool allows even more flexibility when it comes to cutting. It will rotate 45° and 90° left and right, meaning you can adjust the tool to suit your preferred cutting stance, making it more comfortable for you. It has a two-speed control, so you’re in charge of the power, meaning you can work conservatively, not wasting any power unnecessarily.

When it comes to safety, the tool is fitted with a blade tip protector to prevent any damage if it meets walls, fences or other objects. There’s also a safety blade guard which helps to prevent injuries to you when in use, plus an electric break will stop the blades from moving as soon as the trigger is released.

Specification EGO Cordless 56V Hedge Trimmer:
* Dual knife edge, laser-cut, diamond ground blades make quick work of cutting the hedge and makes precise, clean cuts that promote healthy, new growth
* Blade tip protector protects the blade against damage from fences or walls
* Large cutting capacity essential for working in thick hedges with larger branches and stems
* Two speed selector for choosing the correct speed for the task at hand. Low speed helps to extend the run time
* Safety blade guard or safety blades which helps to prevent against injury
* Rotating Handle, 45° and 90° left and right, allowing for maximum user comfort and cutting versatility

Technical Data EGO Cordless Hedge Trimmer 51cm / 56v (without Battery)
* Blade Length: 51cm
* Blade Gap: 33mm
* Blade tooth Depth: 20mm
* Brushless Motor
* Run Time**: 34mins (2.0Ah Battery), 86mins(5.0Ah Battery), 129mins(7.5Ah Battery)

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