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Shred ‘N’ Vac® professional leaf blower, vaccum and shredder clears leaves and other garden debris quickly and efficiently. It also shreds the material, reducing its volume 12:1.

Combining 3 functions into the convenience of one, professional quality, light weight tool. Blowing, vacuuming and shredding leaves with ease.

Featuring a professional grade 25.4 cm3 petrol engine for powerful performance whether you're blowing, vacuuming or shredding.

  • 25.4cc Engine displacement
  • 0.72kW Output
  • 5.7kg Weight
  • 0.50 litres Fuel tank capacity
  • 0.52L/h Fuel consumption at max engine power
  • ES-Start Start assist system
  • 576m3/h Air volume
  • 81.7m/sec Maximum airspeed
  • Flat straight, Vacuum Standardised nozzle type

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