Husqvarna 395XP

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An advanced large-size XP-saw, developed for the toughest forestry jobs. A perfect saw for hard wood logging with longer bars. This saw has classic Husqvarna XP -features such as high power to weight ratio, along with a rugged, high-speed engine with an improved cylinder and anti-vibration carburetor. 

Air Injection: Unique intake air cleaning for longer operating time.
Adjustable oil pump: Adjustable oil pump makes it easy to set the chain lubrication according to your needs.
Quick-release air filter: Facilitates cleaning and replacement of the air filter.
Magnesium crankcase: Sturdily built crankcase withstands high rpms and tough professional use, ensuring a long service life.
Air filter cover
Three-piece crankshaft
Smart Start
Better grip
Felling marks
Inertia chain brake

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